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Board of Directors 

Prof. Katharina Kohse-Hoinghaus
President (Term ends 2016) 

Prof. James F. Driscoll
Vice President/President Elect (Term ends 2016)

Prof. Marcus Alden 
Vice President Section Affairs (Term ends 2016)

Prof. Reginald Mitchell 
Secretary (Term ends 2018) 

Prof. Derek Dunn-Rankin 
Treasurer (Term ends 2018) 

Prof. Hideaki Kobayashi
Secretary Section Affairs (Term ends 2018) 


Prof. Iskender Gokalp (Term ends 2016) 

Prof. Margaret S. Wooldridge (Term ends 2016) 

Prof. Michikata Kono (Term ends 2016) 

Prof. Philip de Goey (Term ends 2016)

Prof. Raffaele Ragucci (Term ends 2016) 

Prof. Christof Schulz (Term ends 2018) 

Prof. Fei Qi (Term ends 2018)

Dr. Gregory Smallwood (Term ends 2018) 

Prof. In-Seuck Jeung (Term ends 2018) 

Dr. Jacqueline H. Chen (Term ends 2018) 

Dr. Meredith B. Colket (Term ends 2018) 

Prof. Mitchell D. Smooke (Term ends 2018) 

Prof. Peter R. Lindstedt (Term ends 2018) 

Prof. Stephen B. Pope (Term ends 2018) 

Prof. Assaad Masri (Term ends 2020) 

Prof. Fokion N Egolfopoulos (Term ends 2020) 

Prof. Heinz Pitsch (Term ends 2020) 

Prof. Minghou Xu (Term ends 2020) 

Prof. Osamu Fujita (Term ends 2020) 

Dr. Pascale Desgroux (Term ends 2020)          

Honorary Past Presidents 

Prof. Brian S. Haynes 

Dr. Charles K. Westbrook 

Prof. Chung King Law 

Dr. Daniel J. Seery 

Prof. Robert F. Sawyer


Past Board of Directors Meetings

Past Meetings

Current Board of Director Meeting
September 22, 2015   PDF Link

Minutes from the Board of Directors of The Combustion Institute 

Electronic Meeting (Thirty-Sixth Meeting)
22 September 2015

In attendance were the following Board Members: 
M. Aldén, J. Chen, M. Colket, P. de Goey,
J.F. Driscoll,  D. Dunn-Rankin,  F. Egolfopoulos, 
O. Fujita,  I. Gökalp,  I.-S. Jeung, 
H. Kobayashi, 
K. Kohse-Höinghaus,  M. Kono,  P.R. Lindstedt,
A. Masri,  R.E. Mitchell,  H. Pitsch,  S.B. Pope, 
F. Qi,  R. Ragucci,  R. Sawyer
1,  C. Schulz2
G. Smallwood, 
M.S. Wooldridge3, M. Xu

1: Honorary Non-Voting Board Member                            
2: Arrived late      
3: Left early

Not attending: P. Desgroux, M.D. Smooke

Guests: R. Gavalik, T. McGough, D. Mrozowski, D. Sharbaugh, B. Waronek (All CI Staff) 

President Kohse-Höinghaus called the meeting to order at 9:04 EDT. There was a review of our conference call practices and a reminder of the ‘Conflict of Interest’ Policy. 

Item 1: Minutes 

Minutes from the 24 February 2015 teleconference were approved.  Vote: (Accept: 24, Reject: 0, Honorary Non-Voting: 1) 

Item 2: Governance Task Force 

President Kohse-Höinghaus gave a brief introduction. The Governance Policy of the Combustion Institute was first presented at the 24 February 2015 Board meeting and has been updated following the discussion and comments received.  

Secretary Mitchell reviewed the changes made to the Governance Policy from the original draft.  President Kohse-Höinghaus explained that the majority of the wording changes were done to maintain consistency between the governing documents of the Institute. The Governance Committee, the Nominations Committee, the Executive Committee and the CI Office all worked and reviewed these documents to ensure homogeny among them. 

President Kohse-Höinghaus thanked all of the committees involved in the process of making the

Governance Policy a reality from the original suggestion during the 34th Board Meeting in San Francisco. 

There was a vote on the Governance Policy. 

Vote: (Accept: 24, Reject: 0, Honorary Non-Voting: 1) 

Item 3: Guidelines for Nomination Committee

President Kohse-Höinghaus introduced the new Guidelines for the Nominating Committee and briefly explained these changes were needed to have the Guidelines be adaptable to the current needs of CI and to the future direction.  

Vice President (President-Elect) Driscoll reviewed the changes the Voting Task Force made to the Guidelines for the Nominating Committee. He also reviewed some additional changes that were suggested by Board Members following distribution of the draft prior to the call.  

President Kohse-Höinghaus led discussion on comments and additional modifications before there was a vote approve the Guidelines for the Nominating Committee. Vote: (Accept: 24, Reject: 0, Honorary Non-Voting: 1)

Item 4. By-Law Change

President Kohse-Höinghaus introduced the proposed changes to the By-Laws. She highlighted that the proposed change is due to a clerical error that was discovered during the review of documents and their alignment with the By-Laws. With this review it was also recommended that the deleted sentence should be moved to another section of the By-Laws to provide the sentence the appropriate context.

President Kohse-Höinghaus thanked Vice President (President-Elect) Driscoll, S.B. Pope, and other Board members, for their hard work on reviewing and adjusting the documents for consistency.

There was a vote to confirm the By-Law changes. This requires an affirmative vote of two-thirds (2/3) of all regular Directors of the Institute.

Vote: (Accept: 24, Reject: 0, Honorary Non-Voting: 1) 

Item 5. ICISS Committee Recommendation 

President Kohse-Höinghaus introduced the ICISS Committee Report on increasing funding due to the overwhelming success of the program. Due to technical problems, Vice-President for Sectional Affairs Aldén was unable to lead the discussion. Secretary for Sectional Affairs Kobayashi stepped in to present the report. The ICISS Committee recommends that with the success during this trial phase of the program, additional funds to support more summer schools through 2017 be approved. President Kohse-Höinghaus provided additional information about the success of the program and how the funds have been used in the past.

Following discussion on additional questions, there was a vote on increasing the funding by $150,000 USD for 3 summer schools that would have a proposal submitted prior to March 2016. Vote: (Accept: 23, Reject: 0, Abstain: 1; Honorary Non-Voting: 1)

Item 6. CI-Elsevier Award

President Kohse-Höinghaus introduced the proposed award and reviewed the process surrounding the creation and Elsevier’s role. The annual award will be named the Hiroshi Tsuji Early Career Researcher Award. If approved, this award will first be presented at the 36th International Symposium on Combustion. Two changes were made to the document following initial distribution to the Board. Those changes were presented to the Board by President KohseHöinghaus.

S.B. Pope of the Awards Committee confirms that this award is in line with the changes that the Awards Committee advocate. He and P. de Goey, committee member, give the full support of the Awards Committee for approval of this award.

With no additional questions or comments, there is a vote to approve the Hiroshi Tsuji Early Career Research Award and the associated terms and conditions. Vote: (Accept: 24, Reject: 0, Honorary Non-Voting: 1)

Item 7. Finance Report and Budget Projection

President Kohse-Höinghaus introduced Treasurer Dunn-Rankin to provide a financial overview for the Institute. This includes a review of the 2014-2015 fiscal year and a 10 year projection. Treasurer Dunn-Rankin discussed the topics that are currently being reviewed by the Finance Committee. President Kohse-Höinghaus added remarks that provide some context for the topics under review. 

There was discussion on the expenses for professional services which includes in part expenses for web, financial, legal and other matters. This is an area being watched by the EC and Finance Committee for ways to control expenses.  

Item 8. New Initiatives Discussion

President Kohse-Höinghaus introduces the major initiatives that are currently being reviewed by their respective committees. These are both first readings of the reports and do not require voting. The committees’ reports, and possible need for a vote, will occur at the February 2016 Board meeting. All Board members are requested to review both of these first reports and send their comments to the committees via the CI office by 20 October.

Item 8a. Awards Committee Initial Report 

President Kohse-Höinghaus presented the findings of the Awards Committee Initial Report in place of Chair Desgroux. President Kohse-Höinghaus reviewed their discussions and findings. A timeline for the implication of any new awards or changes to current awards was presented.

P. de Goey and S.B. Pope, committee members, were asked to expand upon some of discussion items. P. de Goey gave additional information regarding the committee thoughts behind the initial report. S.B. Pope advocated for an expedited timeline for implication of the changes that the Awards Committee have identified, especially for a new gold medal. S.B. Pope requested a nonbinding straw poll be conducted. President Kohse-Höinghaus gave some possible options of what an expedited timeline would take to implement. A straw poll was conducted and it was agreed that the results were to be supplied to the committee along with the anonymous comments from Board members received in the CI office by 20 October.

Item 8b. Meetings Committee Initial Report

Chair Ragucci, introduced the initial report of the Meetings Committee and provided background on the thinking process and discussions from the committee members. He reviewed possible actions that could be taken by CI as well as the concerns that the members had with too much interference with Satellite and Regional Meetings related to CI. 

H. Pitsch, who has organized some of the outside meetings that are being discussed, provided insight into what effect any changes CI would implement will have on outside meetings around the Symposia. With no additional comments, President Kohse-Höinghaus requests every Board member to send additional thoughts to the CI office to be anonymously sent to the committee for additional review. 

Item 9. Status of 36th Symposium

President Kohse-Höinghaus reviewed the report to the Board from U. Riedel, Site Committee Chair, on the financial status of hosting the 36th International Symposium. With an increased attendance, local hosts are moving to conference centers which have a higher cost than the former university settings. An increase in registration fees must be expected by the Board and made clear to members. This is an introduction of the ideas and will be reviewed again by the Board at a later date. 

There was also an unofficial report of the Women in Combustion Committee’s recent meeting.

Item 10. Office Review

President Kohse-Höinghaus introduced R. Gavalik as CI’s new Communications Manager. President Kohse-Höinghaus briefly reviewed the hiring process and some of the current tasks that have been assigned. R. Gavalik reviewed his background and goals for this position.  

Item 11. New Business

President Kohse-Höinghaus reviewed the ongoing contract negotiations with Compuwiz and CI over the current Website/Content Management Tool. President Kohse-Höinghaus thanked Vice President (President-Elect) Driscoll for taking the lead in the negotiations. 

President Kohse-Höinghaus asked if there was any additional new business. With no comments, she requested everyone to confirm their online votes and submit their comments for the Awards and Meeting Committees. 

The meeting was adjourned at 10:52.