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Executive Committee of Board of Directors
Officers of the Board of Directors

Katharina Kohse-Höinghaus
University of Bielefeld, Germany

James Driscoll
Vice President/President Elect
University of Michigan, United States

Marcus Aldén
Vice President/Section Affairs
Lund Institute of Technology, Sweden

Derek Dunn-Rankin
University of California, United States

Reginald Mitchell
Stanford University, United States

Hideaki Kobayashi
Secretary Section Affairs
Tohoku University, Japan

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Past Executive Committee Agendas

Past Agendas

Current Executive Committee Agenda


 Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Derek and Reggie 7:00; Jim and Barb 10:00;
Katharina and Marcus 16:00; Hideaki 23:00

1. 36th Symposium Status Report
    a. WiPPs
    b. Lunch Meetings
    c. PCC Service
2. Website Developments
3. Finance Committee
4. CI Summer Schools
5. Board Meetings in Seoul
6. New Business