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The Combustion Institute is open to anyone with interest in researching combustion occurrences. 

When joining as a Combustion Institute member, you immediately tap into a valuable support network offered through our symposia, conferences, summer schools and publications. The Institute currently has a variety of members from around the world, which include students, professors, leaders, industries, private entrepreneurs and government. These individuals and groups have interests in: 

  • Reaction Kinetics
  • Soot, PAH and Other Large Molecules
  • Diagnostics
  • Laminar Flames
  • Turbulent Flames
  • Heterogeneous Combustion and Materials Synthesis
  • Spray and Droplet Combustion
  • Detonations, Explosions and Supersonic Combustion
  • Fire Research
  • Stationary Combustion Systems and Environmental Impact
  • IC Engine and Gas Turbine Combustion
  • New Technology Concept, Reacting Flows and Fuel Technology

This offers our members the ability to work with diverse groups in discovering new ways to progress existing ideas and develop new inspiring ways to expand their research in combustion. 

Benefits of Membership: 

  • Substantial discounts on all the Conferences and Publications.
  • Student Travel Awards
  • Women in Combustion (WIC) All women qualify as a member of WIC, where you can take advantage of Networking, Discussion Groups, and Coffee Breaks at any meeting.

To Start the Membership Process…
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