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The Combustion Institute was founded in 1954 as a non-profit, scientific and engineering society whose sole purpose is to promote research in the field of combustion science. This is done through the dissemination of research findings at regional, national and the biennial international symposia, and through the publication of the Institute's journals, Combustion and Flame and The Proceedings of The Combustion Institute. The Institute serves as the parent organization for national sections organized in many countries, numbering 34 as of 2010. The operation of The Combustion Institute is maintained on a very modest level, with simple procedures dedicated to the support of this important field of study that cuts across many scientific and engineering disciplines.

The success of the biennial symposia is at the heart of the special character of the Institute. These gatherings have been able to strike a balance between the presentation of high quality research and the social settings that encourage personal interactions. The spirit generated by this ambiance encourages Institute members to pursue excellence in their technical work and openness in their presentations as well as supportive criticism in their evaluations of colleagues' work.

Since its founding, The Combustion Institute has grown in membership, scope, and stature. The Institute and its members have played a pivotal role in the advancement of the various scientific and technical disciplines that constitute the broad arena of combustion. Our members are proud of our history and are dedicated to the betterment of mankind in the years ahead through the service of combustion.